1. “iSGame” Platform User Instructions

    In order to protect your interests and rights, please read the following provisions (hereinafter the “Terms”) carefully before registering for the use of the services by “InterServe International Inc.” (hereinafter the “Company”). When you click “Agree” online, regardless of whether you are registered as a simple member or full member of ISGAME Platform (hereinafter the “Platform”), you shall be deemed to have carefully reviewed and understood the Terms for three days or more and have agreed to fully comply with the rules and regulations for the management of all games by the Company.

  2. Acknowledgement and Acceptance of the Terms

    You understand that after you register to become a member of this Platform, you can use the member services provided in this iSGame Platform (hereinafter the “Services”). You shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept all provisions of the Terms. When a member uses the Services, in addition to its agreement to comply with these Terms, it shall also be deemed to have accepted the member rules of the Company (including provisions about Customer Service Center, game rules and public announcements) and to comply with applicable laws.

    If you are a person with no legal capacity, the application to use the services on the iSGame Platform must be filed by your legal representative. If you are a person with limited legal capacity, you must acquire your legal representative’s consent before applying to use the Services. If you click the “I Agree” button, you shall be deemed to have acquired the consent of your legal representative or have satisfied the conditions for engaging in the legal act, and have agreed to all provisions of the Terms and have full legal capacity.

  3. Addition and Amendment to Terms

    The Company reserves the right to add and amend the member terms and conditions. In case of any addition or amendment to these Terms, the Company will publish the fact of such revision on the front page of its website. No individual notice will be sent to members. If you do not agree to the revisions, please do not continue to use the Services. If you continue to use the Services after the announcement, you shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the revisions.

  4. Member Services and Restrictions
    1. • Obligation of Truthful Registration

      You agree to provide truthful personal information (including true name and relevant information) at the time of registration to become a new member. If any information that you provided changes subsequently, an online update should be conducted at any time. If any personal information you provide is false (if you add value to your account in a false manner, it constitutes false personal information) or misleading in any manner, the Company may terminate your memberships and your right to use the Services at any time.

    2. • Responsibilities and Obligations for Use of Services
      1. 1. No member shall use the Services to engage in any commercial conduct
      2. 2. In addition to complying with these Terms, you also agree to comply with rules applicable to international practice and etiquette in the use of Internet.
      3. 3. The Services shall not be used to send or publish any insulting, libelous, indecent, obscene or aggressive article or picture.
      4. 4. Members agree that they must fully respect intellectual property right. It is prohibited to publish any text, picture or other form of file that infringes upon any other person’s intellectual property right or other right.
      5. 5. The copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property right in all written works and website image layout on the “iSGame” website belong to the Company or their right holders. No one shall engage in any reproduction, adaptation, editing, distribution, transmission or use based on lease, sale or any other purpose, without the prior legal authorization from the Company or the respective right holder. Any person in breach shall bear all legal liabilities. The Company may seek compensation in accordance with law.
      6. 6. The contents and programs on the “iSGame” website are intellectual properties of the Company and shall not be subject to any reproduction, reverse engineering, de-compilation or disassembly of any function or program without the Company’s authorization.
    3. • Obligation for Safekeeping of Account
      1. 1. You must choose your account name and password to set up your account. If your account name infringes upon any copyright or trademark, the Company reserves the right to delete your account.
      2. 2. Only one person shall use one account at the same time. You are fully responsible for the safekeeping of your account name and password and shall be responsible for all activities engaged after system log-in with such account name and password. You also agree that you will not transfer or allow any other person to use your account name and password.
      3. 3. If any member discovers that his/her account is used by any person in an illegal manner or in case of any anomalous sabotage to security, please give immediate notice to the Company. However, the Company will not be responsible for resolving the matter if the illegal use of the account name and password by another person is due to your negligence.
  5. Scope of Service
    1. • You can pay via the payment system provided in the iSGame Platform to play games or get service in this Platform.
    2. • To use the payment system, games or other services provided by the Company, the member must have its own computer equipment required for Internet connection and shall bear relevant telecommunications costs, including but not limited to “Internet connection cost” and “telephone charge”.
  6. Termination and Change of Services

    If the member has any of the following events, the Company has the right to terminate or change the services for any member account, without prior notice to the member. The Company shall not be liable to the member or any third party for any trouble, inconvenience or damage that may occur due to the termination or change of the member’s use of the Services.

    1. • The member uses false information for registration.
    2. • Use Services in the name of “InterServ” or “iSGame” or any name similar thereto.
    3. • Use as any character that is not Chinese, English or number or any indecent word as the name for the Services.
    4. • Fraudulent use of any other person’s name in the application of account for the Services.
    5. • Value addition through false and improper method
    6. • Breach of these Terms
    7. • Any conduct in violation of public safety, public order or good customs.
    8. • Any conduct in violation of current law.
    9. • The usage of any systems or tools to interfere and/or sabotage the iSGame services and servers.
    10. • The usage of BOTs, macro program, viruses, bugs and/or other methods that violate the game's ordinary code of conduct.
  7. Cease or Suspension of Services

    In case of any of the following events, the Company has the right to cease or suspension of the Services. The Company shall not be liable to the member or any third party for any trouble, inconvenience or damage that may occur.

    1. • Necessary maintenance and construction for software & hardware.
    2. • Unexpected breakdown of software & hardware equipments and telecommunications equipment.
    3. • In order to maintain the physical safety of any other member or third party under emergency situations.
    4. • Unavailability of the Services due to reasons of force majeure such as act of God.
  8. Right to Change Services

    The Company reserves the right to stop or change any content of the Services or to terminate any member account services in accordance with the agreement at any time and without individual notice. The Company shall not be liable to the member or any third party for any trouble, inconvenience or damage that may occur due to the stoppage or change of Services or termination of member account services.

  9. Limited Liability
    1. • The Company does not guarantee that the Services will be stable, error-free or uninterrupted. The member is aware of and is willing to bear the risk in the use of the Services and any damage that may occur. The Company shall not be liable for compensating your loss resulting from any delay or retrospective progress in any game that is caused by insufficient quality of ISP network, or breakdown or malfunction of any system software or hardware equipment of any other service provider or relevant telecommunications operator, any interruption, unavailability, delay or data transmission or storage error caused by negligence of human operation, or any alteration or forgery of data by third-party hackers.
    2. • The Company will provide all Services based on existing planning. In relation to any special user requirement, the Company does not guarantee that the Services will fully satisfy your needs.
  10. Protection of Privacy

    Unless provided by law or required by relevant competent authority, the Company will not sell, exchange, lease or publish your name, address, email address or any other personal information protected by law without your consent. You also agree that, to the extent permitted by law, the Company may allow its affiliates or partners to use your personal information in order to provide you with other services. You agree that the Company may prepare member statistics information based on your personal information, provided that such statistics information shall not disclose any personal identity of the members. You agree and allow the Company to use such information for any legal public purpose. You agree that the Company may disclose your personal information upon the occurrence of any of the following:

    1. • Required by judicial, police or other authorities based on legal procedure.
    2. • When a member’s conduct is in violation of the law or any provision of the Terms.
    3. • In order to protect the physical security of the members of the Company or any third party in accordance with law under emergency situations.
  11. Protection of Personal Information

    In accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Company announces the following matters of personal information protection:

    1. • The Company may collect, process and use your personal information in accordance with the Company’s policy for the protection of privacy, under the Personal Information Protection Act and applicable laws and regulations for the purpose of member registration, website browsing, online transaction, online event and provision of services.
    2. • You can provide the following personal information in accordance with your requirements: Name, date of birth, ID number, contacts (including but not limited to telephone number, email or residential address) or other direct or indirect personally identifiable information.
    3. • You agree that the Company may conduct investigation of auxiliary application, confirmation for change of personal information, text messages for promotion of all games, social media contacts, notice for event prizes and notice about amendment to game regulations based on the personal information that you provide in order to verify your identity, contact you, provide you with relevant services and information from the Company and its affiliates or partners and for other purposes stipulated in the policy for protection of privacy.
    4. • You agree that the period of the Company’s use of your personal information is from this day until the time when all contracts between you and the Company are terminated.
    5. • In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, with regard to your personal information, you may file a request to the Company to (1) any inquiry and request for a review of your information, (2) any request to make duplications of your information, (3) any request to supplement or correct your information, (4) any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of your information, or (5) any request to delete your information. However, the Company may refuse your request if the information is required for the performance of its duties or business.
    6. • You can freely choose whether or not to provide your personal information to the Company. However, if the personal information that you provide is found by the company to be insufficient to verify your identification or in case of any fraudulent use, unauthorized use or false information, the Company has the right to suspend services provided to you, including any event prize and any type of promotion. We thank you for your understanding in case of any inconvenience.
    7. • In addition to the above-mentioned matters regarding the protection of personal information, all other personal information under this Terms and conditions are also covered and protected.
  12. Limited Indemnification

    Indemnification arising out of your use of any game released by the Company shall be limited by the applicable laws and regulations of the country where the server is located. The Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred from your revision to any game released by the Company or any content of the iSGame Platform, or your failure to use the game as provided in this agreement, or your use of the game in combination with any other software, or any other damage that is not attributable to the Company.

  13. Severability

    If any clause of these Terms is invalid, it shall not affect the validity of the other clauses. The headings in these Terms are for convenience only and do not have any legal or contractual effect.

  14. General Terms

    The interpretation and application of these Terms, as well as the rights and obligations with the Company arising out of the member’s use of the Services shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of China (not including the Law Regulating the Application of Law in Civil Cases Involving Foreign Elements or other similar regulation). Any dispute arising out of these Terms shall be subject to the first-instance jurisdiction of Taiwan Shilin District Court.